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Youth in Africa

Sharing visions, improving realities!

The project “YOUTH IN AFRICA: sharing visions, improving realities!” is a Capacity Building in the field of Youth project coordinated by Aventura Marão Clube (AMC), a local association, created in 1993 which is the leader of non-formal education in the region, and well-experienced working with youth (especially hosting and sending EVS volunteers and social entrepreneurship).

This partnership will involve partner organizations from 5 European countries – Portugal, Italy, France, Greece and Romania and 3 ACP countries – Cape Verde, Benin and Ghana which are all directly connected to youth and volunteering.

The main objectives are:

- Deepening cooperation (strategic partnerships, working methods, management and internationalization) between partners in order to facilitate non formal mobility learning schemes (mainly EVS and Workcamps);

- Introduce sustainable approaches for management and youth work and to open new synergies and opportunities with other stakeholders (other NGO’s, public authorities, business sector, etc.);

- Foster the cooperation of EU-Africa in the youth field, empowering the youth workers and it ́s associations from Africa and Europe to tackle social and cultural issues under NFE methods;

- Develop skills and competences in project management and NFE methods, through which the youth workers from African and EU countries will improve the quality of their activities in local communities;

- Empower youth associations, promote volunteering and participation, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, entrepreneurship skills and solidarity between EU and African countries;

- Develop new training methods and tools such as spots, videos and storytelling brochures which disseminate the project results and the new knowledge base gained among the networks of EU and African countries.

The project, that will start in 1st November 2017 and end in 31st July 2019 (21 months), will have the following mobilities:

#1: Workshop (8x3=24 participants), 6 days without travel, Cape Verde - Project presentation and management, volunteering, NFE (March 2018)

#2: Meeting (3x2 participants), 4 days without travel, Benin – APV for EVS (May 2018)

#3: Meeting (3x2 participants), 5 days without travel, Cape Verde – APV for EVS (June 2018)

#4: Meeting (3x2 participants), 5 days without travel, Ghana – APV for EVS (July 2018)

#5: Mobility of Youth Workers (8x2=16 participants), 7 days without travel, Benin – Training about Fair Trade, Workcamps, fundraising (January 2019)

#6: EVS (6 volunteers), 6 months, Cape Verde – youth, social and environmental support to AAC (Oct 2018 till March 2019)

#7: EVS (6 volunteers), 3 months, Benin – youth, NGO management and health support to Minangan (Nov 2018 till January 2019)

#8: EVS (6 volunteers), 3 months, Ghana – youth, Fair Trade and social community based work, support to YPWC (November 2018 till January 2019)

#9: Mobility of Youth Workers (8x2=16 participants), 5 days without travel, Ghana - Evaluation, dissemination of outputs, follow-up (May 2019)

Besides that the project intends also to develop the following activities:

#1: ICT (improving the project’s quality and main outputs): African partners’ WEBSITES, PROMOTIONAL SPOT

#2: Networking (developing cooperation among public authorities and business sector at national and international level)

#3: Visibility (promoting and disseminating the outputs and good practices): VIDEO, POSTERS, ROLL-UPS, FLYERS, BAGS AND T’SHIRTS


March 2018, Cape Verde

Workshop in project management, volunteering, non-formal education